A fresh approach to GraphQL

Welcome to the Universal Data Graph.


Making systems communicate is important and one of the primary things engineers spend their time on. It’s also really hard. That’s where our Universal Data Graph comes to the rescue. In the latest update to our Tyk Open Source API Gateway we make it quick and simple to unify and control access to every data-source in your organisation. All without code.

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All the power of API Management, for GraphQL

Develop and nurture your Universal Data Graph without code. Use our GUI (Graphical User Interface) or schema editor in the Tyk Dashboard to design the graph and let the open source Tyk API Gateway stitch together your services seamlessly.

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Implement authentication and authorisation for GraphQL using the powerful open source gateway from Tyk. Protect your data graph and provide granular access rights for all of your data sources.

The GraphQL denial of service protection feature ensures that your data graph can elegantly handle a DOS attack, through granular query depth control.

Adopting GraphQL is not without its pitfalls

Concerns about security, performance, separation of concerns, and how teams can independently develop their GraphQL APIs are all still valid today. Many of the challenges which have been long-solved and deemed best-practice with REST are still in their infancy with GraphQL.

This was the start of Tyk’s journey

How to go about enabling organisations to build and safely ship their GraphQL APIs. But as we delved deeper down the rabbit hole, gaining constant feedback from clients as we iterated, we realised that we were enabling so much more.

What we created was a 2-fold approach

Enabling developers to secure and augment their existing GraphQL services and introducing our Universal Data Graph to enable users to actually build new GraphQL endpoints.

So if you are a CTO, CIO, API Product Manager, or an Engineer, researching how GraphQL can enable your business & platform team. Join Matt Tanner at the OPEN Stage B, Wednesday at 9am as he arms you with practical considerations for securing your GraphQL APIs, and to drive GraphQL adoption in your organization using Tyk’s Universal Data Graph.

What is Tyk’s Universal Data Graph?

Ever wanted to build a new GraphQL service with your existing infrastructure and services? Want to solve some of your pressing service integration problems? This is exactly what Tyk’s Universal Data Graph was built to do!

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How does it work?

Universal Data Graph enables API Product, Managers & Developers alike to leverage all the benefits and power of GraphQL, with none of the drawbacks. Ahmet Soormally, Technical R&D Partner takes you step by step through the how the platform works.

GraphQL: A platform approach

Who should use it?

So who did we build these features for? Well, we’re glad you asked because they cover many potential use cases! Let’s look at two of the most common.

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How do I get started?

Download your free trial to dive right in! Need assistance getting set up? Join one of our monthly webinars – by the end of the session, you will know how to secure and manage your existing GraphQL services with Tyk and have the ability to create new GraphQL services within the Tyk dashboard.

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