Going for gold: Recognising winning contributions from our Community

In 2014, Tyk came into the world with a roar. Her birthplace? On Github, as an open source project.

As part of our mission, we make a point of ensuring that, whatever team you’re part of, you have equal access to the playing field, via our Enterprise-level API management platform.

Though headless, the evolution of our open source API Gateway is prioritised over all others, and our API Management Dashboard starts from free to use (with transparent charges that kick in as you scale). We’re also proud to offer a range of flavours to give you even greater flexibility as you implement your API program.

We couldn’t do it without you

Fast forward 4 years since Tyk began, and we’re proud of how much she’s grown. But we’re even prouder of the growth and input of the Tyk Community who have supported and nurtured her as she’s found her feet.

As any start-up will tell you: it’s a marathon, not a sprint – and the Community has been invaluable in providing Tyk with the energy gels and fancy shoelaces that help her go faster.

Thanks for putting in the miles, whatever kind of team you’re in

Our Community encompasses a whole variety of players, from a range of teams and organisations. We have the equivalent of the Tyk Relay team, benefitting from our open source product’s excellent performance whilst simultaneously passing updates and comments via our Github repositories.

We also have the hurdlers – those using Tyk in organisations where they have to tackle the obstacles that come with digital transformation or moving to a microservices architecture.

And, sometimes, we see the lone sprinter  – whether hobbyist, entrepreneur or hacker, making the quick 100m dash to judge project viability or create an arresting proof of concept.

Whichever team you fall into – we couldn’t do it without you. Whether it’s comments on the Tyk forum, or whole new open source features – thank you to everyone who is part of making Tyk better.

Recognising contributions to API Acceleration

A ‘thank you’ doesn’t always feel good enough, though. So for the first time ever, we’re officially recognising the excellent work our community does to help drive our mission of improved API adoption. 

How? With the inaugural Tyk Community Awards, to recognise innovative, creative, helpful and high-quality contributions to API Acceleration.

As these are our first ever awards, we decided to ask our own internal teams to anonymously nominate their favourite and most impactful contributions.

‘Contribution’ really is the keyword here: rather than nominate the individual or organisation that has been involved, we instead asked nominations for the contribution, and contribution only, first. By doing this, we continue to focus on the quality and value of the input; for us, the type of Tyk that the community member uses is not relevant.

For future awards, we intend to open nominations and voting out to the entire community to be involved. In the meantime, the nominations are in and we will be announcing our winning Community contributions next month!

Want a chance to be considered a winner in the future? Get involved

Like the sound of being recognised for your own contributions to API Acceleration? It’s simple – get involved, and help us drive down barriers to API Adoption.

Join our Community Forum or star us on Github. If you’ve not downloaded Tyk then get started with a free version and have a play with it.

And, when you’re ready to get more involved, dive right in however you like. Whether it’s through code contributions, joining our research panel or bug bounty programme, guest blogging, creating Tyk explainer videos, or hosting a Tyk meet-up. Don’t forget to tell us about it too – we may be able to offer support or resources.