The Tyk Tour continues at Nordic APIs 2018 Platform Summit

We’re super excited to announce that Tyk is heading to Stockholm later this month to support the Nordic APIs Platform Summit 2018.

As well as spreading Tyk truths (and treats) via our conference stand, the team will be popping up at a range of workshops & talks across the 3 days. Head on down the page for more details.

Will you be there? Say ‘hej’ via our contact form or DM us on Twitter – the fika’s on us!

Even better, we can offer a 15% discount off Nordic API tickets using the special code PS2018_SponsorInvite

We’ll also be running a free workshop for Stockholm’s API Community on the evening of 24 October. Thanks to our friends at Softhouse Consulting for hosting. Join the Tyk team for a 90 minute hands-on introduction to API Management powered by pizza and beer. We’ve limited spaces, sign up via Eventbrite.

Can’t make this time? Mosey on over to our Tyk Community Events page, where you can learn about attending, and starting, Tyk events in your region!

Tyk at Nordic API Platform Summit 2018

Solving Real World Problems with API Management

October 22: Solving Real World Tech Problems with API Management – Parts I and II (Workshop)

In this 4 hour workshop we’ll take you through some of the most common API challenges our clients encounter, and explain how an API Gateway and Management Platform like Tyk can solve them.

Ahmet Soormally, and Yaara Letz, two of Tyk’s Consulting Engineers, will take attendees through a series of challenges based on Tyk’s extensive work with clients of various sizes and sectors.

Supported by Martin Buhr, Tyk Creator and CEO, they’ll start with a general overview of API Management and why it adds value to your API set-up, before moving on to 3 common issues that API Management can solve.

After a short break, we’ll move onto part 2, where we explore custom middleware and the magic it can perform for your API Management.

This will be a technical workshop so a laptop and some knowledge of APIs and API Management will be beneficial, but not crucial.

For more information and to book a ticket head on over to the Nordic API website.

Your API Strategy: Why Boring is Best

October 23 @ 1400: Your API Strategy: Why Boring is Best

Put down those buzzword bingo cards because Tyk Creator Martin Buhr is packing up his soapbox & getting ready to tell you why boring really is best when it comes to your API Strategy.

In his 20 minute polemic (ahem, sorry – talk), he’ll make you embrace the mundane, savour the humdrum, and see beauty in the blah.

With a tech talk that promises to throw a little history, pop culture, and, most likely, philosophy into the day’s API discussions, this ‘Boring API Strategy talk’ will in fact be anything but.

For more information, head on over to the Nordic API website.


October 23: Your API: From ‘meh’ to managed in 15 minutes

In 15 minutes, Ahmet Soormally, Consulting Engineer, will show you how you can take your API from ‘meh’ to managed, via Tyk’s powerful, flexible tech and an intuitive, user-friendly Dashboard interface.

Covering API access policies, versioning, and analytics through to documentation and dev portals, he’ll show you how 15 minutes of Tyk is enough to leave you able to show your API who’s boss.

October 24 @ 1830: The API Surgery – A 90 minute introduction to API Management [Free community event]

Got an API? Want to manage it better but don’t know where to start? Maybe you’re looking to release it to the world, but find the technical steps to get there a pain in the neck?

We’re here to help. Join us for a special 90-minute API ‘surgery’ in Stockholm led by Tyk’s Consulting Engineers, Ahmet Soormally and Yaara Letz, (or, as we like to call them, our ‘API Doctors’). They’ll be coming straight from 2 days of talks and workshops at the Nordic APIs Platform Summit 2018 to run this free community workshop.

It’ll be a hands-on, technical workshop, with plenty of opportunities for Q&A, and all powered by open-source, pizza and drinks. Tickets are free, but required to attend. A big thank you to Softhouse Consulting for hosting this special workshop!

For more information and to secure your free ticket, head to our Stockholm API Surgery page.