Round up: Tyk at API Days Singapore 2019

Thanks to everybody who made the first ever API Days Singapore such a roaring success last week! From old friends to new faces – we enjoyed talking to every one of you.

Not only was this API Days’ first ever event in Asia, it was also right on the doorstep of our office on Boat Quay. With last month also marking the 2nd birthday of our Singapore team, we had plenty to celebrate (you could say it was the icing on the (custom Merlion) cake). Thanks to all those who came and celebrated with us.

The energy and excitement at this event has been infectious, and reflects the high pace of innovation we see happening in our ‘hood on a daily basis. We’re sad that it’s over, but also *so* proud to be part of such a fantastic API Community here in Singapore.

Whether you made the time to attend our ‘Dark Side of APIs’ talk, took part in our interactive workshop, stopped at our stand for a chat & limited edition Merlion sticker, or simply complimented us on our shirts: thank you!

If you’re ever near our office, please message us for a catch up kopi lah (don’t say bo jio!)*

In the meantime, here’s a round-up of everything we got up to last week!

April 23rd: The Dark Side of API Management as a Product. (Talk)

Around 3pm, Day 1 took a turn to the dark side… the Dark Side of API Management as a Product, that is…

If the mainstage room looks like a pretty prestigious venue, that’s because it is. This chamber was the location for Singapore’s first parliament. No pressure then, Martin 😉

The popularity of your API can lead to increased innovation, engaged users, and even riches beyond your wildest dreams (or so we hear). But, Martin explained, when your API takes off, you need to be mindful of how easy it is to replicate or piggy-back on.

Yes, APIs are powerful and how they lead to incredible new innovations and create new capabilities across entire industries. But Martin’s talk hinged on the reality that businesses also need to protect themselves from the changes they bring about if they are to stay, well, in business.

And, of course, it wouldn’t be a Tyk take on something if it didn’t include some ‘interesting’ use of photoshop, an esoteric reference or two (in this case a little-studied lawsuit), and more than one heckler.

But it was all in the pursuit of a noble message: if your API is the product, you don’t have a product. And essentially, ‘with great (API) power, comes great (API) responsibility’ (OK we may have taken that one from Uncle Ben).

Missed the talk? Not a problem. You can always take a look at Martin’s slides, but we recommend watching the video which shows the full talk and slides together.

April 24th: API Management use cases: an interactive architecture workshop.

Day 2 kicked off bright and early with our APAC Technical Director, Dave Garvey exploring API Management use cases.

The aim of this workshop was to provide solutions to common problems faced by API owners with the use of nothing more than – gasp – pen, paper, and your brains.

Each team worked together to design a solution for API management, with a choice of three scenarios…

  1. How can my legacy applications be exposed so that they are easily consumed?
  2. How do I publish my microservices?
  3. How can my containerised API scale on demand?

Our API enthusiasts quickly got stuck in, sketching out how API management can assist in these scenarios, learning from each other and expanding combined knowledge. Dave and the team were on hand to provide assistance and also make each team aware of solution considerations.

We’re big believers that a great way to learn is by simply getting stuck in and working with each other, and that’s certainly what we saw, with some teams even asking for more scenarios to tackle.

The workshop ended with each team showcasing their solutions, with a 3 minute talk on their chosen scenario. Then Dave rounded up the session with his own suggested solutions to these scenarios.

The workshop was not only a great opportunity to learn lots of new solutions but also left users confident to tackle these or similar scenarios on their own API projects in the future. Thanks to everyone who made it along – we literally couldn’t have done it without you.

Missed the workshop? Why not take a look at Dave’s slides and, without looking at his suggested approaches, try to sketch out how you would approach each problem. Let us know how you get on by tweeting us your sketches using @tyk_io.

Don’t be a stranger – come and see us in 2019

Missed us at API Days Singapore? Don’t worry, we forgive you, especially as there are so many more opportunities to say hi to us this year. 

As if last year wasn’t busy enough, with 8 countries & 12 cities ticked off, we’re doing it all again this year. In Tyk style though we’re shaking things up a bit, with a mission to go bigger and better than before. Keep an eye on our Twitter feed or LinkedIn page for the latest updates.

Interested in starting your own Tyk community, or want us to come to your neck of the woods? Drop us a message and we’ll see how we can help!