Step up to the podium: Tyk Community Award winners 2018

It’s sometimes crazy to think that it’s only 2 years since Tyk began. In the 24 months since then we’ve witnessed an always-improving (and still open source) API Gateway, a spruced-up, and even a place in the Gartner 2018 Magic Quadrant.

Stepping back to survey the gains we’ve made, we’ve set ourselves brave new goals to reach. OK, and maybe patted ourselves on the back a little bit. But in all this celebration, we felt there was a certain part of the journey missing out: you!

To fix this, we decided that 2018 would mark our first ever Tyk Community Awards. We want to use these awards as an opportunity to celebrate Tyks around the world, who provide innovative, creative, helpful and high-quality contributions to API Acceleration.

We’re also using it as an opportunity to take the Tyk team on the road, to meet more of our community and see your contributions in action.

But, enough about the what, where, how, and why – let’s get onto more of the ‘who’. It’s time to start shouting about our winners!

Announcing our winners (drumroll please….)

Whether it’s through code, community events or a comic strip, our chosen contributions showcase different approaches to API Acceleration.

Our 2018 winners range from hands-on workshops that upskill people looking to get to grips with APIs, to translations of our dashboard that open up API management to a whole new group waiting to get started.  

Winner: Ministère de l'Agriculture, France

Ministry of Agriculture, France – English > French Dashboard Translation

Our API Management Dashboard has always been a one-stop portal to easily manage and maximise your APIs, and, since 2.5, it’s also looked a lot snazzier with a fresh and user-friendly interface. Unfortunately, though, it’s only been simplest to access by those who speak English, Korean and Mandarin. 

So we want to say a huge merci beaucoup to Sylvain Perrinel of the Ministère de l’Agriculture, France, for his contribution of a French Dashboard translation. Want to access your Dashboard in French? Just click on ‘language’ in the top right corner of the Dashboard interface and select the available language. As simple as un, deux, trois!

Dashboard language selection

You can now select a French translation of the API Management Dashboard

“Tyk en français est indispensable pour l’adoption des APIs au Ministère de l’Agriculture en France”, says Sylvain Perrinel, Ministère de l’Agriculture, France. (Or, for those whose French is a touch rusty: “Tyk in French is essential for API adoption at the Ministry of Agriculture in France.”)

Thanks to Sylvain and the whole Ministère de l’Agriculture team for improving API adoption across French speakers around the world.

Kloia: Tyk API Community Award Winner

Kloia – API Education Programme

In the last year, Kloia have been supporting API Adoption across London, Istanbul, and the interweb. They’ve partly done this by being one of Tyk’s partners (we like to be transparent), but they’ve also done huge amounts in their spare time to help bring the API community together. 

Their community meet-ups, webinars and blog posts have all focused on helping the tech community get to grips with API Management – with a particular focus on how it can aid DevOps. What’s more, they’ve all been completely free-of-charge. 

Follow Kloia on Twitter for news on their latest events, webinars and blogs. If you’re based in London and interested in DevOps & Microservices, join the DevOps Underground meet-up group for latest events and webinars.

Liip: Tyk Community Award Winner

Liip – WordPress Plugin creation

A unique strength of the Tyk developer portal is that everything in the portal, is also an API call. This makes it simple to customise and to integrate Tyk Developer Portal functionality into any web-platform.

When doing just this for the Swiss Rail network, the web development agency LiiP and their team member Adrian Schlegel went one step further and developed a Tyk WordPress plugin. This plugin makes it even simpler to deploy the Tyk Dev Portal flows into a WordPress CMS. Not only that, the LiiP team also open sourced their finished plugin – making it available to any of the tens of millions of WordPress site owners.

“When building Switzerland’s open transport data platform for a large community of real-time data users, we needed to connect Tyk to WordPress, to manage plenty of content and user profiles”, explains Hannes Gassert, from the Liip team. “When open-sourcing that plugin we didn’t expect any Github stars, forks or awards at all… but now we should make up a Tyk dance to celebrate the 2018 Community Award!”

Thank you LiiP for making it easy for anyone to combine the API portal functionality of Tyk, with the CMS capability of WordPress to make their Developer Portal stand out.

Leon Bugaev: Tyk Community Award Winner

Leon – Custom Developer Portal via API

Our very own Leon Bugaev spent his spare time building a custom developer portal, based entirely on Tyk APIs, to demonstrate how easy it is. 

To do this, he created just 250 lines of Ruby, that delivers a full self-service portal. He open sourced the code, wrote a guide which we published on the site and even created a walk-through video. This has since been used by others as a starting point for developing their own custom portals.

“As a developer myself, I always try to customise everything to exactly fit my use case”, Leon explains. “When I joined Tyk I noticed how powerful the platform can be, but its developer portal had lot of constraints. As part of a small side project, I found out that just by adding a simple change we can allow users to build their developer portal with any level of customisation, and even embed it into their own application in the language of their choice”

Not only does Leon’s change help improve users’ developers portals, it also helps the admin that comes with it. “The best part”, continues Leon, “is that Tyk acts as CMS, and you do not need to worry about managing your users, analytics or even static pages. I feel like this can be a game changer for lot of Tyk users.”

It’s true that we get to benefit from Leon’s wisdom every day, given his role at Tyk, but we are especially thankful that he chose to contribute this piece to the open source community in his spare time. 

Given this so-called ‘free’ time involves running a side project plus constant travels around the world with his wife and 2 small kids, this is even more extraordinary. Thank you, Leon! 

Congrats, winners! Your special swag is in the (post) bag 

Congratulations to all our winners! As well as being able to bask in the smug and superior glow that goes hand-in-hand with reaching such dizzying heights, all winning contributions will be receiving some special Tyk swag along with your custom Tyk mascot artwork.

Special mentions also go to bitsofinfo – our top contributor on the Tyk Community. We’ll be sending you a little treat to say thanks!

We want to meet more of you

These awards are part of celebrating our whole community, so we don’t want to stop with honouring just four contributions. We also want to ensure we keep contributing back ourselves, collaborating with all of you, and connecting you to one another.

Whilst the power of tech is that we can grow our global community digitally, up until now, we’ve only been able to communicate with our community physically in and around our office locations in London and Singapore.

That’s all going to change this year as, to honour our commitment to our Community, Tyk’s going on tour. We’re announcing an extended series of worldwide API community events focused on increasing API education, bringing API experts together so they can meet, and, most importantly, letting us speak to as many of you as possible! Read more about the Tyk Tour

Want a chance to be considered a winner in the future? Get involved

Like the sound of being recognised for your contributions to API Acceleration? It’s simple – get involved, and help us drive down barriers to API Adoption.

Join our Community, or star us on Github. Once you’ve downloaded Tyk – have a play with it, try to break it – be our guest. And, when you’re ready to get more involved, steam ahead: whether it’s through code contributions, joining our research panel or bug bounty programme, guest blogging, creating Tyk explainer videos, or hosting a Tyk meet-up.

Help us spread the word about the power of APIs, and how easy it can be to create something cool with your APIs.