Buckle up! Tyk Gateway v2.4 (and more) is here!

Tyk's new release is here

Hundred Beast King Go Lion is the Japanese name of kick-ass anime series Voltron. It’s also pet name of the Tyk Product team, and they have something new to share with you…Tyk Gateway v2.4, Dashboard v1.4, Pump v0.5.0, MDCB v1.4.0 and Tyk Identity Broker (TIB) v0.2 is here!

It’s been a full 12 months since our last major release, and we’ve spent that time wisely: combining our team’s forces to refine the world’s most powerful massive flying robot of destruction API Gateway. 

Tyk is now in production at massive scale with some of the largest and most innovative enterprises in the world, so it’s important we constantly work to improve and innovate, and not just keep her fed and watered. The added bonus? These improvements benefit all our users – whether open source, community, paid subscriptions up to omni-mega-corp super-scale usage.

And, whilst it’s rare that we get overblown and a little emotional (OK – that’s not quite true…), we’d go as far as to say that this new release is an important and proud milestone for us.

Why? This feature-packed, next major release of Tyk is marked with the fingerprints, blood, sweat (and a few tears) of our newly extended product team. Expanded significantly after 2.3/1.3’s release, our Go Team of engineers and product designers have listened to our community and major enterprise clients alike.

The result is a top-to-toe overhaul of Tyk, to ensure it remains ahead of the game: finely engineered with class-leading performance, reliability and state-of-the-art Inter-Dimensional lock, Quantum Thrusters and Blazing Sword.. (ok, features). 

We couldn’t have done it without you, the entire Tyk Community, who have been using, contributing to, and, sometimes, getting frustrated with Tyk in ever growing numbers and more ambitious ways. Thanks for all your feedback to date – good or bad, we love it and we want it! We hope you like this new release as much as we do.

But hey, you shouldn’t like things because people tell you you’re supposed to. It’s time to take a look for yourself at what we’ve been working on…

Security, done to a T(LS)

Our stand-out feature for this release has to be Mutual TLS. It’s a big feature and no small feat to implement, but one that many of our users have been asking for.

With Mutual TLS on Tyk, you can increase the security of your API by requiring and verifying client certificates, through whitelisting on the API level, and authenticating users using their client certificate. In addition, with Mutual TLS, you can now protect your upstream access.

This post is far too short to be able to go into detail about Mutual TLS, so check out the documentation and release notes for more information.

As ever, this Tyk feature is available immediately, without charge, to everyone, from free community subscribers to Mega-corp enterprises.

Got lots of APIs and subscription options? Say hello to multiple policies

We’ve extended support for partitioning policies, so you can now mix them up when creating a key.
Before 2.4, you had to create a separate policy per API, and per subscription option. Now, using multiple partitioned policies you can create the basic building blocks separately for access rules, rate limits and policies, and then mix them for the key, to create a unique combination that fit your needs.

Global API rate limits

We’ve added a new `global_rate_limit` API definition which lets you specify a global rate limit as an aggregate value across all users. It works in parallel with user rate limits, but has a higher priority.

As always you can use this API first in the format of {“rate”: 10, “per”: 1} or via the Dashboard GUI.

Single-Sign-On (SSO) improvements

More SSO functionality is something that a lot of our customers have been asking for. In this release we’ve significantly improved our support for SSO, and you can now:

  • Enable Tyk to apply LDAP filters to user search
  • Set permissions for your users, logged via SSO, in Dashboard config file
  • Setup a login page redirect to enable users to login using a custom SSO login page

Want to know more? We have so much going into this release, it would be impossible to describe it all in this post. See the release notes for more information.

Dashboard UX improvements

On top of all the additional and updated features we’re rolling out with this release, we’ve also added a bunch of UX improvements to the Tyk Dashboard GUI. Some refinements are so subtle that you may not even immediately notice them… but they’re there, honestly, and will go a long way to saving you lots of time (and frustration) during your day. We’ve listed a few below.

Searching user and developer lists

Got big lists? Search them with ease. The User and Developer lists now include search, with more lists becoming searchable as part of v1.5 and future updates.

Live search in drop downs

Got lots of APIs or policies? You’ll be glad for this feature. From now on when applying APIs/Policies during Policy and Key creation, you’ll be able to search them in the dropdown. No more scrolling down giant drop downs wondering if you’ll ever find light at the end of the tunnel.

Key pieces of data made accessible to quickly copy+paste

When you’re creating keys, it’s important you make a copy of the key before you navigate away to the analytics, to check who’s being naughty with their rate limit. We didn’t exactly make this super easy for you before. Sorry – our bad.

Now, when creating keys, you won’t miss a message with your key in, and a handy copy+paste button. Oh, and it no longer carries on off the edge of the screen.

Improved help tips

Is it 1997 or 2017? We finally got the memo from MS Clippy, and you’ll be glad to hear that you can now dismiss and summon the help tips as much as you like. Just use the “Show help tips” button. Closing them means they are really gone, until you want them again.

Code editor input types on fields

From now on, when there is a code editor field, well, it’s actually a code editor and not a text field. Hooray!

Redirect on timeout

Tired of seeing “!Error – Not authorised” when coming back to the Dashboard after a cheeky coffee break? You’ll now be redirected to the login page if the Dashboard has timed out while you were gone.

Get your API URL without having to save and go back

This might be small, but it may go a long way to saving you time. Create an API and grab the URL without having to save, and navigate back into the API.

As with the features, we can’t possibly list everything here, so check out a full list in the release notes here.

And, last but not least…

Deploy Tyk with just one click

We’ve been working on trying to make deploying Tyk as quick and easy as possible. To help this, we recently enabled our Hybrid customers to deploy Tyk with one click, using Heroku

Do you use Heroku? It’s now easier than ever to get started with Tyk. This blog post gives you more information and an opportunity to sign up to our closed trial.

We’re having a face-lift

We’re working tirelessly to improve the design of Tyk going forward, both in terms of functionality and developer experience. We posted a sneak peek of a Dashboard UI refresh that’s in the works. This will be available in the next release (v1.5), and will bring with it a fresh new look, more alignment with our brand and an overall improved user experience. Got feedback? Let us know what you think on the post.

Want to get the new updates earlier?

Coming soon, there will be an invite only Beta program for future releases. Watch out on our blog and Twitter for more details. Already know you want to get involved? Get in touch.

How to get the new release

On Tyk cloud? You don’t have to do anything. The Gateway and Dashboard will be updated automatically.

Got Tyk Hybrid, or running on-Premises? The release is available right away via packages and Docker. Head over to the release notes or see below for download links.

Download Tyk 2.4/1.4 release