Tyk on Tour: Bringing API education to a city near you

Tyk’s on a mission: to break down barriers to API Adoption, by improving accessibility, awareness and affordability for all.

It’s our sincere belief that whether you’re a giant, global brand; working on a super-cool side project; or a student tinkering with what APIs are capable of, you should be able to access tools that help you without paying megabucks.

How are we doing that? Well, primarily via our Tyk open source API Gateway, and free API Management Dashboard, analytics and Developer Portal. For those of you who pay for Tyk, we’ve also recently updated some of our commercials to improve accessibility and affordability.

Last year we began running a popular API Surgery from our London and Singapore offices since August 2017. These hands-on workshops educate more people about the benefits, and challenges of APIs (and keeping them in check).

But, for a mission to be really successful, you usually need to go out into the field. So we’re excited to announce that this year, Tyk’s going on tour!

Tyk’s heading out on the road

As well as spread API education near and far, we want to do our best to get out there and meet more of you. We want to learn more about what you’re interested in, collaborate with you, and get your feedback. And we also really want to hear more about the projects you’re working on.

Don’t get us wrong, we love our homes in London and Singapore. But, the nature of tech means much of the Tyk Community, including our own team, are based elsewhere – ahem, all over the world. And if we can do this whilst also spreading API knowledge (and a little bit of API love) around the place, then even better.

So this year, we’re taking Tyk on the road to over ten locations, and hopefully to a city near(ish) to you! View all our planned Community events this year

Come join the party!

You can view the full list of the locations we’ll be hitting on our dedicated API Community Events page. Where dates and locations are still to be decided, why not join the relevant Tyks Meet Up group (and say hi to some of your API-loving neighbours)?

Don’t see an event listed for your location? Get in touch and we’ll try our best to make it happen. Already run a kickass API meet-up in your city or want to run the local Tyk chapter? We love to collaborate and have resources that can help. Contact us for speaker and sponsorship requests.

And the Tyk API events  themselves? We’ll bring the team, pizza, drinks and API knowledge. Maybe some bad jokes too – apologies in advance. All you need to bring is yourself, some curiosity, and, in some cases, a laptop.

And remember – whether you use Tyk, use someone else, never even heard of Tyk, or are only just starting to learn about APIs – it doesn’t matter. All are welcome – you just need a laptop, and an interest in learning more about APIs. See you there!