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Looking for an API Management solution that plays nicely with AWS? Look no further.

Tyk is a market-leading API gateway and management platform – and if you’re already on AWS you can get up and running with a few clicks by getting Tyk through AWS Marketplace.

Use the AWS hosting, infrastructure, hardware and security so you don’t need your own, and quickly make the most of the tools that Tyk gives you by deploying with AWS CloudFormation.

And the cost of using Tyk will be billed straight to your AWS account. Nice and easy.

Want to stay on AWS but don’t fancy using AWS Marketplace? No problem! Speak to a Tyk Account Manager for help getting set up.

Why Tyk?

Get Tyk to take advantage of its powerful features for API management:

  • Open Source API Gateway – secure, lightweight, highly performant
  • API Management Dashboard – open up your APIs to the world, without touching a single line of code
  • API Developer Portal – share your APIs with the community via a self-service documentation portal

Tyk is used for projects of every size, up to critical systems for emergency responders, airports, major banks and healthcare organisations.

How does AWS CloudFormation work?

AWS CloudFormation makes deploying Tyk On Premise easy and fast, by translating everything during setup into a clean GUI that takes the stress away. It automatically establishes a number of the requirements needed to get going and helps you establish a Tyk stack in minutes.

AWS users can set up a Tyk product with an hourly price: either POC (with a single GW node, Elasticache, and 3 Mongo nodes: Master, Slave, Arbiter); High Availability (with two Gateway nodes instead of one); or Autoscaling (a minimum of 3 nodes, scaling as needed without a ceiling). Alternatively you can use Bring Your Own License and still use CloudFormation to help launch a stack.

Sounds good. How do I set it up?

You can read our step-by-step guide, or you can watch our tutorial video about how to use AWS CloudFormation to get set up.

Ready to get going with Tyk API Management tools on AWS?

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